fashion testimony

I'm Erika. This is filled with my inspiration and random shenanigans. Enjoy.
Of course as soon as I finish my internship and want to just relax before school starts up… I get super sick. But my mom is to the rescue with her homemade tortilla soup 😌 #tortillasoup #homemademealsarethebest
Happy Birthday to my mama bear! I love you for all the sacrifices you’ve given to make sure all of your chickadees are taken care of no matter how old we get. I look forward to when you call me to check up to make sure I’m drinking enough water and that I’m carrying my inhaler with me 24/7. lol you da best mama ever! Stay creative and quirky mom I get it from you! #mymomisthebest #throwbackpic1997? #kindergardenmotherdaughtertea
So much fun today! Filled with laughs, hugs, dancing, good drinks, and epic dance/singing battles on the party bus there and back. So happy to be part of the Stitch Fix family. Everyone has been amazing and can’t wait to come back and work at hq one day! #ilovethemall #summer #yoho #youonlyhoedownonce
👯 #yoho #summer #amigas
So much fun today at Stitch Fix hoedown! These girls are so much fun! #summer #hoedown #yoho
It’s been a while since a good selfie has been taken. Must be done on good curly hair days 👍 #curlyhairproblems #selfie #donthatetheselfie
My coworker who is the amazing photographer at work gave me this as a going away gift. So great he used an old camera from the 1950s. Love it! #photography #thelittlethings
Beautiful flowers and a card from the visuals team that I worked closely with this summer. 😌💐 #flowers #thelittlethings #pricklyballflowers
Happy Monday y’all. It’s the last week at my internship and I’m really bummed about it. I’ve gained so many friendships and relationships over the past 7 months and don’t wait it to be over! Finding something I’m truly passionate and excited for has been amazing! Here’s to making this last week the best! #ilovemyjob
Kinda obsessing over this French bulldog printed long sleeve blouse from Anthro 😍 #frenchbulldog #anthropologie  (at Anthropologie - Santana Row)
Slight change of plans for the weekend, ended up here! ☀️ #summer #santanarow #california  (at Santana Row)